Why do you need to park so close to the gym?

If you’re ever in need a good laugh, just wander around the parking lot at your local gym. Now, maybe this is only applies to Midtown Athletic Club here in Rochester, NY, but I have no reason to think that Rochesterians are significantly dumber than Birminghamians or Salt Lake Citizens or anyone else, so I bet not. I bet this is a nationwide phenomenon.

Watch what people do when they arrive at the gym: they’ll circle the parking lot for minutes (plural!) looking for the space that’s closest to the entrance. Have these people forgotten why they came to the gym? Clearly they need—or at least appreciate—exercise. The 3.87 miles they’re about to run on the treadmill? That’s nothing! But an extra twelve steps to get to the door? That could be deadly!

Not that I mind. I’ll never turn down free entertainment, especially not during that long, boring walk from the back of the parking lot.